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Our Story

I started Natural Hydration Skincare when I was 6 months pregnant with my second child and a stay-at-home mom.

I started this business due to having a rough experience with at the time, my 12-year-old son who suffered from severe eczema. Since the age of 7, we had visited several different Dermatologist & Allergist who made promises to help heal my child. He was prescribed with numerous of medicated steroids that not only affected his skin but in addition, caused his skin to become dependable.
I’ve tried using lotions, detergents, soaps, shampoos and conditioners that claim to help with "eczema" and I found that it wasn’t effective for him. Due to his skin problems, my son faced having low self-esteem and being bullied at school. It was such a tough period for the both of us, we were emotionally distress and as a parent, I felt helpless...

After several years of depending on professionals to help heal my child, I decided to create my own natural products that were targeted specifically towards skin problems. I began to research accordingly and started to experiment my products on him. The results that appeared on my son after using Natural Hydration Products, made me realize that if I can help heal him, I can do the same around the world. 



Mission Statement: Natural Hydration Organic Skincare mission is to continue focusing on evidence-based research to help prevent and heal the skin of others. Nevertheless, we want to continue promoting the importance of having healthy skin and redefine the impact, skin problems have caused many people.




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"I want to thank all of our supporters for being a part of our village and believing in us! It is an honor to have you visit our website and to value our products just as much as we do. This journey has been an impeccable experience and most importantly, I am gracious to be an example for our nation to witness. Building our children to become entrepreneurs has always been important to me. My aim is to teach our youths how to transform insecurities into abundant opportunities. Natural Hydration has been the pivot of what I genuinely believe in. My brand has been created with a deep sense of knowledge and good intentions. Rest assure that we take our time with each product to provide you with a spectacular experience."

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